Help - making grid on polysurface

Hi, i try to use panelingtools and i need a grid on this polysurface that i made with Tspiline. now i can just have a separated grid group on each surface. Does anyone know how i can divide this polysurface to have an equal grid on it?

Making even grids on polysurfaces is a challenging process and needs careful planning. Since the grid can follow any geometry, or be projected or pulled to a geometry, it is often a more achievable to grid a polysurface using other guiding geometry. Here are few strategies you can try:

  1. Create a one surface approximation of your polysurface (with the parameterization you like) and grid that surface, then pull the grid points to your original polysurface.
  2. Create a set of curves, project them onto your polysurface, then use ptGridUCurves to create the grid (make sure all curves are going same direction before creating the grid).
  3. If it is hard to grid from one set of parallel curves, then consider making a network of curves, then use the intersections to create the grid using prGridUVCurves.

One other thing to consider, is to remove the holes when create the initial grid, so you have one continuous grid, the it is much easier to trim out panels at the holes later in the process.

Let me know if you need examples to explain the above strategies.

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