Paneling tools attaching to untrimed surface instead of trimed surface


I’m trying to use paneling tools kind of like an offsetcrvonsurface command.
I have a trimmed doublecurved surface, but when I make my trials it seams like the grid is placed on an untrimmed surface.

is there any other way to approach this problem for me using paneling tools?

Thanks allot in advance

Most grid type surface divisions look at the underlaying untrimmed surface. Mostly because how can a division predict what should happen on your randomly trimmed surface? You should either

A. Work with the untrimmed surface and trim the entire design afterwards.

B. Decide some kind of panel distribution logic across your shape, specifically what happens at edges.

paneling tools does have a “trim grid” command, (and component in GH). But, as @Michael_Pryor mentioned, you will still need to come up with some additional logic to handle the edge conditions.

Thanks for the info guys.
The problem is bigger then i expected. Need to have a good thinking how to handle this.
My problem is that not all surfaces look the same and therefor it will be very hard to handle the edge contitions.

Thanks again