Creating grid to trimmed surface by using project points

I projected grid on the trimmed surface as the image.
After that I try to create new surface with Surface from points.
But I can’t create new surface.

Could give me any advice? (17.5 KB)
Test.3dm (80.2 KB)


When you projected the grid, you lost some of the points that help inform the surface from points component.
You have both the untrimmed (Loft) and trimmed surfaces. Why do you need to create a new surface from the grid?

Hi Rajaa issa,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I have untrimmed and trimmed surface.
The reason why I would like to have grid on the new surface is that I would like to make horizontal mullion only on the trimmed surface.

Question: Is there any way to make geometry only trimmed surface? (13.7 KB)
Test1.3dm (102.2 KB)

This is not trivial problem. I tried few solutions (and found a couple bugs), but the following works.
The solution uses PanelingTools add on to create the grid, extract horizontal edges, and extract isocurves that are trimmed to the surface. (26.2 KB)

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Thanks a lot.
Your solution is quite works.
I have following questions about this method.
I made rectangular shape of mullion instead of pipe, and there are two more different size of mullion in my model.


  1. Is there any way to delete 1st row on the bottom?

  2. Some parts of mullions are overlapped. Could you give me any tips that I can avoid the overlapping situation?

Here are my scripts (32.1 KB)
Test2_simplified.3dm (80.3 KB)

To avoid the overlap, you want to use Offset instead of extrude in the first direction:

You can also remove rows or columns from a grid using SplitList or Branch to omit parts of a tree. PanelingTools also has Grid Utility to extract part of a tree, or rows or columns.

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Does contour work? I mean as an alternative approach.

Thanks again for your suggestion.
It works well.

Hi Rajaa,

I have a following question regarding panelling.
Is there any way to create random distance between grid?

I was able to separate lists by using Cull pattern, but couldnt make random distance between grid. (28.4 KB)
Test5_Simplified.3dm (114.8 KB)

You certainly can, and there are many ways to do it. I would explore making the grid through dividing a set of surface isocurves. You can specify the exact uv location. Another more direct way is to use PanelingTools grid on surface by parameters, and control the u,v whickever way you like. I hope this helps:

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Hi Rajaa,
Yes it is a good tool.
This time I made random grid and then I tried to project that gird on the surface.
But I could not find any solution.
Do you have any thought?

After I failed to project grid on the surface, I try to make curve on the surface based on the projected points. However, it is also not working.
Could you give me any advise?

Here are my data. (19.6 KB)
Test7.3dm (6.5 MB)


Hi Rajaa.

The another issue is that many of mullion has gone after I use graph mapper.

This model is only applied panelling tool.
Could you give tip for this too?

Here are my data (26.3 KB)
Test6.3dm (6.5 MB)

Thanks again.