Sort Points into Grid | Best Approach

Dear All,

I have a trimmed surface (please see image and attached file) which has a related arrangement of points and cells which form some sort of grid (neither rectangular or polar).

Panel_Grid_240501.3dm (151.6 KB)

I am searching for an approach to sort these points and create a grid which can then be used by Paneling Tools (both plugin and Grasshopper).

I have briefly tried the ‘PTcompose’ component within Grasshopper without success.

The overall aim is to be able to generate a variety of grids on the base surface and then apply custom objects across the surface (as part of a larger Grasshopper definition).

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I think extracting isocurves is the first approach I would try(if you surface is parameterized the way you like). If not, I would create curves on surface along the desired direction (or 2 directions for more precise control), the use ptGrinUCurves or ptGridUVCurves command to create the grid, then panel. Here is a quick run using your surface (you might need to clean up the corners manually because number of points if not equal on the end shorter curves). I hope this helps.

Hi Rajaa,

Thanks very much for your suggestion.

I have been able to produce a panelling solution based on both the ptGridUCurves and ptGridUV Curves which is almost what I was hoping for.

I assume that the original pattern does not fit neatly into the rectangular or polar grid structures.

Is there a method for manually creating a grid based on a quad mesh? (this is how the original pattern was created).

It depends. The paneling grids are rectangular as you probably already know, and the quad mesh is not necessarily rectangular.