Panelling a circle using quadractic element

Dear all,
I would like to panel the quarter of the circle using quadrilateral elements.
I drew one line from the center and then revolved it to get the quarter of a circle.
I used paneling tools> create paneling grid> surface domain number and then selected the base to get the points. Then I clicked Paneling tools>paneling from grid>panling 2D grid, then I am getting the first model before pressing enter.

But when I pressed the enter button the meshed model comes like this.

Can someone please tell me the mistake I am doing? Thank you for your time.

Could you please attach your model?

@rajaa Thank you for the reply. I am attaching the model with this messageHywindSPAR_forum.3dm (864.7 KB)

Ok, I think I know what’s happening. When you try to use the base surface, some of the grid points are right at the corner or edge that the generated panels might not pull properly to that surface. In your case and since it is planar, you don’t have to reference the surface. You will get better results. If the surface is not planar, it helps if it is slightly bigger than the grid (extend the surface by small amount and use it as a reference). I hope this helps

I didn’t completely understand my mistake. I am attaching a small video where I am facing difficulty. Could you please tell me how to overcome it? If possible, could you please share a short clip. That would be really helpful to clear my doubt.

I see, your output is a mesh. I was outputting faces/curves. This looks like something we can improve.
Here is a link to the request…

@rajaa The link is taking me to the same thread. If you could provide a short clip or step-by-step procedure that would be really great.
Thank you.

Yes, the link files a request in our bug tracking system about your report. Currently if the output is a mesh, the faces at the pointy end are not created.
If you output faces (NURBS), then those will be created. This is the option to set in the command ptPanelGrid:

Thank you for the reply.
But, I would like to get mesh at the pointy end. Please help.

@rajaa : Figured it out the way to obtain the quadrilateral mesh for a quartercircle. Thanks. posting a short video clip here to benefit others.

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Are you making a mesh for a hydrodynamic radiation/diffraction analysis perhaps?

Yes, I am trying to find out the hydrodynamic coefficients and excitation force using this model.

In that case I would recommend you to just use the quadremesh tool.