Quad panels problem

Hi Rhino. :grin:

I’m trying to apply green surfaces on blue surface.
Is it possible to get 1mm x 1mm quad panels from double curved blue surface?
Help me! :sob:
QaudPanel_Knead_1st.zip (98.1 KB)

Hi Knead - is the attached something like what you need?

QaudPanel_Knead__PGPanels.3dm (813.2 KB)

trimmed panels -

QaudPanel_Knead__PGTrimmedPanels.3dm (616.6 KB)

“QaudPanel Knead PGPanels.3dm” is what I wanted.
Pascal, How did you make this? :cold_sweat:

Hi Knead- I used PanelingTools , but I still had to jump through some hoops to make it work - Paneling tools did not want to make a complete grid of points on your surface because, I would guess, of the ‘polar’ structure with the singularity in the middle of the box shape. So, I made a Patch surface- see the attached clip -



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Wow! I don’t know how to thank you enough.
Thank you so much!