Paneling Tools - Surface 3d distance problem

Here I have two surfaces, running Paneling Tools > Create paneling Grid > Surface 3D distance on both, using the same U and V distances, works for one and doesn’t work properly for the other, regardless to which reference point on the surface I use.

This is the Dir for each surface

It works though if I flip the U direction of the surface! I guess this is not how it is supposed to behave right?!

Attached is the file.200828_01.3dm (285.4 KB)

@SherifTarabishy You found a bug in the command. I’ll add to the pile. Thanks.

@SherifTarabishy do you have access to Rhino WIP?
If so, please try the build released today (use PackageManager command in Rhino to fine PanelingTools and install, then restart Rhino and make sure PT version is 9/1/2020). The bug should be fixed.

Hi @rajaa, thank you for the quick response.

It seems installing the latest version from Package Manager, does not play nicely with the Rh7 version that gets installed from PanelingTools2018121700.rhi.

I get Unable to load Paneling Tools.rhp plug-in: Dependant DLL is out of date.

And in %appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Plug-ins\PanelingTools (6caed836-bc06-4ebc-b1fd-e10886a0dc94) I only see 2018.12.17.906 folder and settings folder.

Try the following:

  • Open Rhino, run PluginManager command, and “uncheck” the “Enabled” checkbox. Close and reopen Rhino, PanelingTools will not load,
  • Now run PackageManager and reinstall PanelingTools 9/1/2020 version, close and reopen Rhino.
  • Do you see PanelingTools loading? If so, go to the PanelingTools menu>Help, and make sure you have the Sept 1 version.

BTW, make sure you have the latest Rhino 7 WIP (8/25)
Let me know how that goes.

That fixed it. Thank you @rajaa.

Will the package from the PM include the Gh library as well in the future?

You should have access to PanelingTools in Grasshopper as well.
Can you see it?

And this is the content of the installed package

|   manifest.txt

So when you go here, what do you see?

only those two files above nothing else, PanelingTools.rhp and PT_SDK.dll

Can you delete the folder and reinstall the package please?

All working now, for some reason the folder was locked by some process. So it wasn’t deleting all the files inside when I uninstall from PM, and when I reinstall it thinks its already there!

Thank you for your help @rajaa .

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