Paneling interlocking geometry


I’m facing a problem with paneling. I created a polysurface based on Grasshopper definition from Co-de-it (

Now I would like to create a repeting 3D pattern of that geometry. In attached picture you can find the desired result and the actual result. I can’t find a way to panel this shape. How should I approach this problem? I’m new to grasshopper and any help would be highly appreciated.

Eschern (32.7 KB)
Eschern pattern_edited.3dm (4.3 MB)

try to create the pattern like that

or this if you use hexagon grid


I tested this and works great, thank you so much!

I’m still wondering is there a way to make each tree branched shape an individual panel? I’m going to 3D print this, so it would be really convenient.

your file don’t show the pattern ; try with paneling tools

You could also try something like this, using native grasshopper components. This technique was shown to me at a modelab workshop a few years back. (16.1 KB)


This looks good, thank you. I’m really grateful for your help.

Is it best to use native grasshopper components? My original design (in the picture above) is more complicated than this pattern, so I can’t produce it in grasshopper. Is there is a way to map objects modelled in Rhino to surface in an interlocking way? For example overlapping panels or custom grid? I tried but couldn’t find a solution.

Or is it the only (reasonable) way to use grasshopper anyway in the first place to model panels as in the Escher_nativeGH example above? If that is the case is it best to use some kind of offset approach to model panels (always two walls next to each other)? I tried this and it seems it works but it creates some unwanted overlapping in the “corners”. Also I would like to use this pattern in curved surface. Is it possibel to map the grid onto a curved surface or how should I proceed?

Paneling tools didn’t help you?

You are right. Paneling works with the pattern your suggested. Still some problems with seams of panels but I hope I can fix that. Although this means that I have to manually “cut” each three branch module for 3D-printing. It it is possible but lots of manual work. I want to print them for my thesis in a spesific way (module by module) since they have snap fits joints.

My original hope was that there would be a way to do the paneling in grasshopper or Rhino with my orginal Rhino module. But if not, I will probably use paneling tool as in the video. Thanks again for the advice. Anyway, if there are tips, tutorials or any other material about how to panel this kind of shape in other way let me know.

three branch.3dm (862.7 KB)

Parakeet has a component that does this easily, called an escher component, you feed it a curve and it makes a series tessellation out of it

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Thank you!

Hi, I am also trying to apply interlocking principle on a surface by tiling an unit. I have tried several plugins but I cannot figured it out. I have tried surface morph but it has gaps in between.

Also tried this method but I could not orient the component to the face normals.

Thanks in advance. (55.0 KB)

You can use Surface Morph anyway.

Surface (50.5 KB)

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Thank you very much, it is much more complex than I thought:)