Panels on a double curve surface

I want to make panels on my building like this.
I want to make these in grasshopper first.
Anyone have an idea?
Thank you!

I tried. But have no good result.

Anyone can give some ideas? Thank you!

See #7

@daizhuo It will help if you put together an attempt in Grasshopper or Rhino that includes your surface and panels. It is hard to guess what you need with a general request like the one you have, and a solution might involve quite a bit of work. Showing that you put the effort with more specific questions where you have difficulty always help. Paneling doubly curves surfaces is one of the more involved and difficult tasks.

That is said, have you tried PanelingTools for Rhino? Check the documentation for OrientToGrid command with rigid (fixed size) module. It will get you close.

As The others said, it’s difficult to get help if you don’t specify exactly what you need.
But since I’m on vacation -and at the risk of spoiling you- :stuck_out_tongue: here is a definition that resembles what you are describing:
*requires paneling tools (18.3 KB)

Thank you! I would try it. Paneling Tools is a good tool when doing these.

Thank you for your mention!
Sorry for not giving enough details about what I want to do.

You are my hero!!
It’s exactly what I want. Thank you so much for your great job!
I’m now starting to fix the panels on the edge that is missed in your script. But it seems a hard work.
Enjoy your vacation!