No Problem but Curiosity (107.7 KB)
parawall2.3dm (3.3 MB)

is there any other simple way to create this shape_?i wanted this shape should be integrated for any surface.

why you don’t create a pattern than use paneling tools

i guess i cannot modify ground surface openness when i do paneling.i should modify height and ground surface openness

may i look at ur work_?

i don’t understand what you mean by modify ground surface openness when i do paneling
with paneling you will create two grids and control distance between them
patt.3dm (245.6 KB) (7.4 KB)

i need to control Z direction and X directions on both way.for every piece of pattern
as ur solution i just control just Z direction but height is same whole shape.i cannot control x direction.

i try to do thisY10

you control x;y direction by increase/decrease number of grid in u,v direction

changing u v direction make pattern smaller or larger in same way but every pattern should be zaha hadid wall.

maybe uou need to use attractors

thank you i will look