Paneling from curve

Hi! I’m trying to panel a striped solid. I want to use the generating lines as a grid, but I can’t find any way to do it. I tried to generate a grid with the intersections of the generating lines, but the result is a mess. I can’t use Lunchbox because it doesn’t give me the results I need. I need to do triangular panel.
I attach photos to better understand the situation. In the screens 1 and 2 I made in Rhino the result I need to get in Grasshopper
Thank you so much for helping

I think the solution is to use MeshFromLines. The command exists in Rhino but not natively in Grasshopper, so I’ve added a C# component to be able to use it.

You will need to feed a list of lines. So first you may need to intersect all these curves and split them at each vertex.
You will also need to provide the borders of your geometry, otherwise panels won’t be created there.

You could also use Pull Curve and Surface Split to cut your surface in pieces, then approximate each piece by a triangle.

Please attach your Rhino and Grasshopper files if you need more help. (5.3 KB)

Here all the files because I haven’t been able to do what you suggested yet. I think I made something wrong but I don’t know what. Thank you for the help (18.3 KB)

Here is a solution (two actually, but the one without C# is longer). (23.6 KB)

Thank you so much!!! You are truly magical

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