Paneling GH

I hope someone can help, in the first image I imported 8 curves from rhino and I am using list items in order to loft those curves and have panelization (I want different stripes )but the result Is that I have just 1 panel,

Also do you know why I have some rectangles inverted like the image below,

Thank you !

First of all, Please post the gh file.

For construct plane it takes the world Y vector, at a certain point the rectangles flip to the other side of the curve.
So provide a Y-vector yourself for example a rotated tangent vectorrectangles along (7.2 KB) :

Secondly: I don’t understand what you try to achieve for the panelling.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your quick reply!
Sorry this is my first post, I ll share the GH file here about the paneling, I want to have those 3 strips as a result lofting the curves that I imported from rhino,

Please let me know If It s clear :grinning: (8.8 KB)

two options from those curves: (7.1 KB)