Non-Rectangular paneling tools grid

I am trying to populate a non-rectangular surface, but am still getting a rectangular grid. How can I populate a triangular surface or some other shape than a rectangle? I can always trim the points, but then my paneling is not as accurate.


Hi Erik,

Do you have an example surface and an image of the grid arrangement you’re after? You may want to check out the PanelingTools plugin in Grasshopper too if you aren’t already. The shape of the surface border in relation to the panel shape will also play a part in what’s possible, so an image of the ideal panel form and any constraints such as planarity would be significant.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your response. Attached is the 3dm file of my geometry. I have gotten closer, but still can’t get the right distribution of points.
Thank you

wall geometry.3dm (157.6 KB)

I’d use Grasshopper for this as shown in the attached. I am assuming the panel shape should ignore the trimmed edge. (12.4 KB)

Here’s a video tutorial I made a ‘while back’ on a similar process in GH too… I think it will work in the current version as well.

Thank you so much. I have generated the points from your definition and video. However, when I plug them into paneling tools it says that it is not a panel grid :frowning:

I suppose you have to use a grid generated from paneling tools ?

Yes, use the PanelingTools add-on for Grasshopper and you’ll then be able to generate the grid directly in the definition.

Hi Brian,

sorry to resurrect an old post, but I am now seeing exactly what you mean. However, I am trying to panel a trimmed surface with a curved edge. Any ideas on this one? I wish to morph geometry on it pertaining to the geometry of the trimmed surface. I tried your custom subsurface GH definition and it does not work properly on this instance.

Thanks in advance,
Surface Morph attempt.3dm (268.8 KB)