Panelling on a surface

I have a surface (default layer in rhino file) and I would like to create a panelling system, I have been attempting to use panelling tools, the aim is to create diamond panels. Using Grasshopper I took the surface and created a surface which I orientated to 30 degrees and then orientated around the surface. This was then mirrored. These lists of surfaces were intersected with the original surface to create the curves needed. (Photo 1)

The curves were intersected using the definitions from panelling tools and then panels made from the grid.

My issues are

  1. how to get panels all the way to the boundary of the surface, as their are gaps top and bottom? (See attached Photo 2)
  2. halfway up the surface the panels just stop and I don’t know why as the intersection continues all the way up, any idea why and how to fix this? (See attached Photo 3)
  3. Any ideas on how to tidy up the grasshopper flow and make it so that the points intersect on the top and bottom edges of the original surface rather than leaving a small wedge, to make the panels neater.

Grasshopper and Rhino 5 File attached

Tower 17.18 Wire (145.0 KB)

17.18 Wire Frame 2.3dm (1.9 MB)


In this case, why not to have a go with Lunchbox plugin?

Tower 17.18 Wire (107.0 KB)

Thank you I had not even heard of lunchbox

First thing you read if you google: paneling grasshopper :wink:

Yes that and panelling tools which is the one I had installed. Didn’t think to look for another panelling utility when I had one.