Pachyderm visualizing bounces through color gradient

Hi Everybody,

Attached is a .gh file which I’m using to set up a workflow with Pachyderm to create some conceptual graphics having to do with acoustics for a project. I would like to visualize the bounces of the sound within the area with a gradient per each bounce, that is one color for each segment of the resulting vector ray or grouped bounce curves. I’m stuck at how to setup the gradient based on list lengths that result from all the bounce lines and each of the segments. I’m not really interested in the lenghts of each of the segments, just the order at which they occur. For example: 1st bounce = dark red, 2nd = less dark red…etc.

I’m sure this is fairly easy to do but I’m fairly new with this plugin and not really good at setting up proper data visualization tools.

Thank you in advance
PachydermCG (43.1 KB)