How can I achieve gradient by z axis on pipes

Hello everyone, as I mentioned earlier, this issue has been a source of perplexity for me over a considerable period, and despite multiple attempts, I must acknowledge that they have all yielded unsuccessful outcomes. I just wanna the same effection from the picture.

Here is my file.

Any responses will be appreciated. (9.8 KB)


Anyway: there’s add-ons used so I can’t see a thing (I never use add-ons other than K2) So you want to “group” your pipes consecutively (i.e. create a Tree out of the List where max items per branch are N) and apply a gradient preview color per branch OR you want to relate the gradient previw to some other pipe property? (like length (not rational for this case), base.Z etc etc).

Regarding moved point as the critical point, the lower part is left color on gradient, the other is right but the middle part (critical point) still has gradient. I don’t know my description is clear or not.

No (what means moved pt/ critical pt ???).

Let’s talk about any tube: this has an index (from the crv division) and belongs to a branch (from the partition). So what exactly rule have in mind? (including - or not - some tube translation in Z).

Sorry about that.Please see the color of pipe which have a left-to-right gradient effection,I just wanna the color transitions from low to high.

You mean that you want a result where the gradient applies to the SAME pipe from pipe base to pipe top? (if so what’s the meaning of partition?)

Yeah,that’s my desired result.But it needs a little difference, color gradient on every pipe is same like my upload picture.Pink on pipe is less by less.

I work with R5 (for the very limited usage - if any at all - of the R/GH for real-life things in the practice it’s more than OK). So I’m not aware of a native thing (or an add-on) that can define Material that way (but later builds maybe can). Other than that this is - more or less - easy via C# (It could be a 100% black box (*) for you, mind).

(*) say like this mysterious thing (existed stuff - does NOT make materials) : (14.4 KB)

I am sorry, it’s my fault for the poor description. The gradient color does not follow the curve; it is applied to the pipe itself, like the picture I uploaded. The gradient color on the pipe runs along its height.


Yes I understood that.

The only reason that I posted the (existed) mysterious thing (NOTING that it does NOT make Materials as you like) is to indicate … er … hmm … the black box aspect of matters IF I’ll provide a suitable solution via C# code. Like:

There is a bigger problem.I have no knowledge of any C# code.

Thanks for you response .My friend.

That was rather obvious (Otherwise you could solve it by yourself).

So your options are:

  1. Wait if someone is aware of some similar Material defining ability in some post R5/GH builds.
  2. Wait if someone knows some add-on that does that (as I said: I have no idea about add-ons).
  3. Accept a C# solution meaning that you couldn’t change anything (But any add-on is ALSO a black box - unless the source is exposed somewhere).
  4. Forget the case.

I sought assistance from another expert and I’ll also seek additional information on Google. If I find a solution, I’ll return to share it.

Thanks for your response

Like this?

gradient (11.3 KB)

An add-one named ChopChop ??? What’s next? ChopSticks?

Anyway I don’t have anything from these. But she wants this (in Z instead of the shown Y):

PS: Obviously you can do a Mesh and assign gradient Colors to Vertices … but that’s a poor man’s solution.

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I have absolutely no idea what that plugin is lol.


Yeah… That takes a lot of computation time(Just tried it since I did it yesterday on a smaller project.) . And time is expensive… :wink:

Idk Maybe she should look into squid. :man_shrugging: Squid | Food4Rhino

Like this.It was made in Max, I am wondering how to achieve this effection in rhino.But there is a little difference, the bottom color is more by more from left to right and the top color is less by less from left to right.

Here is the link.Just is a plugin which can conviently disconnect the wire between two components. Press ctrl and click the wire will disable the connection.

hi @SinnHooHin
maybe this? A or B?! (26.7 KB)

2-3ms for a reasonable Mesh + 20-50ms for placing about 500+ Instance Definitions around: i.e. date a girl ONCE and then date the replicas.

To do: Bake, define an ID and then place it 500 times to see what I mean (plus save the R file to see the other obvious thing).

But using Meshes for this puzzle is kinda going from DC to NY via LA. (319.1 KB)

Moral: Ducati Uber Alles