Colorize a voxeled model using isovist rays

Hello everyone, I am currently dealing with a project and I can really use some help to improve it. I am tring to colorize a voxeled model which is gonna have complex facade expectation in the future. So I have a really simple model which has many black spot on the facade and I want to create gradiant look on the closest and furthest distance from a vantage point. I did the rays and turn the into lines and I have the center point for each voxeled point. At the en all want is to create a visivility map on a facade. Is there someone who can help me? I am adding the pictures and a sample picture to say what do I want genarraly. Thanks anyways.
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I would create a set of attractor points for each facade, and then would assign a color with a gradient depending on the distance to the attractor points.
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Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: I’ll try it…