Sound waves color change based on reflection order

Dear GH community, I need a little help.

I have a Data with Internalised bounces for a Raytracing analysis (in the imaged is showed only the “raytracing waves”) and I would to ask, if is possible to change the color of the “dots waves” from the point cloud, based on the type of reflection.
For example the first rays from source is pink, the 1st reflection will be red, the 2nd reflection will be yellow, etc etc.
So by activating the slide to create the wave (the Red Circle), changed the color according to the type of reflection of each single ray.

Attached the file (632.2 KB)

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Your polylines have already the useful parametrization:
for example, a polyline with 5 vertexes, parameter 3.5 is located in the middle of the 4th segment.
(a reparametrized polyline wouldn’t work that way)
So you can just round-down the parameter to know where is the point:

bounces (634.0 KB)


Riccardo, very kind as always!!

Best regards and thanks for your time