Rhino Video Driver Problem

Ive been running Rhino 5 through a windows 10(bootcamp) on a mac book. It has been working well for the past month until I updated my graphics driver this week. Rhino opens still and the graphic quality is good, but… my mac immediately starts overheating and the fan whirring. This happens even with a blank document when I am not working on it. This dosent happen in safe mode so I assume its to do with the video driver. Is it worth uninstalling/reinstalling Rhino? My task manager tells me CPU is low but memory up around 430MB
Im using NVIDIA GetForce 650 version 3378.66, have updated my mac software, and tried ticking/unticking accelerated hardware mode box.

Any ideas?

(I have just uninstalled the NVIDIA Getforce update and all is working well again)