Outboard Engine - Cycles

With the back glow it’s a 13 min render (Cycles)

Without the back glow it’s a 5min render (Cycles)

(Original model was rendered in 2008 on Maxwell 1.7)


This scene only has three lights. If I add one more the intensity of the back light drops; as if it has a quota on photons. Cycles is not fun to work with like that.

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can you clarify this? I use this type of set up often and don’t seen any limitations.

gorgeous render BTW-

I’ve been hitting the light limitation for months.
It started in this thread

Hit it again on this thread.

The I forgot about it and hit it again today.
By adding a single extra light the one on the back (without touching) looses its power, I can raise the power to thousands and nothing happens. In this case all lights are Rhino lights.

ok thanks- I had a chat with Nathan and he’s aware of the issue and will be taking a peek at this as he works on the next version of cycles x integration.

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The same model done in Bella. Keeping in mind that Bella is so intensely optimized that it’s CPU version is nearly as fast as the Cycles on GPU (turbo) mode.

With the back-glow it’s a 8min render (Bella-Saturn engine)

Without the back-glow it’s a 6min render (Bella-Saturn engine)


Fantastic result, congrats !