Outboard Engine - Cycles

(Original model was rendered in 2008 on Maxwell 1.7)


This scene only has three lights. If I add one more the intensity of the back light drops; as if it has a quota on photons. Cycles is not fun to work with like that.

can you clarify this? I use this type of set up often and don’t seen any limitations.

gorgeous render BTW-

I’ve been hitting the light limitation for months.
It started in this thread

Hit it again on this thread.

The I forgot about it and hit it again today.
By adding a single extra light the one on the back (without touching) looses its power, I can raise the power to thousands and nothing happens. In this case all lights are Rhino lights.

ok thanks- I had a chat with Nathan and he’s aware of the issue and will be taking a peek at this as he works on the next version of cycles x integration.

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