Rhino Cycles Manual

Hi all,
I am just trying Rhino Cycles in Rhino6 WIP, I really cant figure it out.
I have placed a box in a scene, applied Cycles Paint material, and tried combinations of lights, skylight, sun etc.
I always end up with this grainy horrible looking render.
Is there a manual for Rhino Cycles ? or could some one post a 3DM file of a typical setup for a truck sized object ?
( I am trying to render some models of yachts that I have made )
I can then go through it and check your settings etc.

By default the sample count that is going to be rendered is set at 1000 I think. Did the render get to the full amount of samples? If not you probably have to wait for the results to converge.

What kind of system do you have? GPU? CPU?

Another argument for the denoiser?

It is a post-pro step, so it wouldn’t really work well with how we currently run the Raytraced view. In the render window it probably would make sense.