Industrial design

My own teapot design. Modeled in Rhino 7, rendered in Bella renderer.


Oh, I cannot believe Bella to do such master rendering!!

I had not heard about this hidden gem before! I didn’t use Vray and Bella yet and supposed Keyshot was the best one, but now I see Bella appears like a champion!

I should reconsider to my previous opinion about the best render engine!

Also, your modeling is excellent!


Thank you very much, the design of the product itself took half a year of my life. :smiley:

I used Keyshot during my studies. It was fast even on a slow PC. I’m using V-ray now and I’m trying Bella, which is similarly fast to render as Keyshot, but more photorealistic in my opinion. These images are unedited in Photoshop. Lit only with HDRI map. I personally like the glass material and the liquid itself. Simply set materials in Bella. Test renders so far. (4k resolution, only ryzen 5950X and about an hour of rendering!)


Thank you so much for the useful information

Your excellent work and top rendering encouraged me to examine Bella.
Is it possible to add it on Rhino, though Rhino rendering has not had a notable difference with external rendering engines except, mostly in a variety of materials and light facilities, in my opinion.

Rendering in Rhino using Cycles is very good. However, Bella provides very similar results, often significantly faster. Compared to the Rhino, it has very advanced and rich materials. Bella can be downloaded for free in the demo version with no time limit. I recommend trying it. If you learn a bit with Bella, I think you’ll have better results than with Keyshot. In my case it is.

I would also try Thea render, which is amazing, but more suitable for Architecture.


This is Vray: judge for yourself, other than Keyshot and Cycles!


I’ve seen it before, nice work. What program did you use to create the models?

I just wanted to show the result of the render (Vray).
The only object modeled by me is the bottom lamp (done with Rhino); the rest are pre-built library objects.

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Image from V-ray for comparison. Yes, different scene, different lighting, but the rendering is slightly sharper, but flatter. Rendering time in CUDA + CPU mode very similar to Bella, which only renders on CPU (so far). :slight_smile:


I find the version with Bella render better (the glass is more realistic). You should act on the Vray settings, it is not always easy to find the right parameters.
In my opinion you can do better (with Vray).

Nice renders!

Little (and probably stupid) OT.
Isn’t math for reflections/refractions well known and almost perfect up to today?
Shouldn’t different render engines give identical results? (or almost)
First and last pictures here ^ have different table texture and environment, so different stuff to reflect/refract. I guess that is why the visual difference…

bella is non biased, vray (afaik) is biased. (or hybrid as they claim)

different math to get the results.

Certainly. But they are both physically correct. With Vray I always render in Brute force, the results are better and more precise than with other methods (light cache, photon mapping).

A simple object test:


@jdhill is the best qualified person to explain the differences between vray and bella math, so i’ll step aside and let the adults talk

Different engines give similar results, but not the same. V-ray is definitely one of the best engines out there, but it’s different. Rendered images never looked like unbiased engines to me.

It’s hard to tell the difference between a biased and an unbiased engine. I think everyone is more or less biased. A completely unbiased calculation would take an uncompetitively long time. Certainly Bella is one of the unbiased engines. But how unbiased it really is, only the developers know.

Also, I only use Brute force in V-ray. The results are better, but not very “photorealistic”. I tried rendering some scenes in Thea rednerer’s unbiased TR1 mode, and while the result took longer, it was quite different from V-ray.

I found a nice article about some rendering engines. Too bad Bella isn’t among them. I would like to know what technology this software uses to render. For a truly unbiased calculation, bella seems too fast to me. But maybe I’m wrong. :smiley:

If this isn’t photorealistic, I don’t know what to say.
Sure, there’s better, Maxwell for example, but it also depends a lot on the user.

Do you find it unrealistic? I’m not saying good or bad, this is a personal opinion: