Second try with Bokeh - Jewelry




@nathanletwory Any chance we may see an update on Cycle’s light limitations for Rhino7 ? It kind of becomes a theme for studio setups. This scene only has six area lights and the one on the back illuminating the rear of the stage is totally dead, any intensity from 1 to 10000000 has no effect.

It’s the same issue as in the Nixie tube scene I sent you the other day.


The issue is on my list.

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This image was originally set as a diamond with an IOR of 2.1 and an Abbe of 20. Following the discussion on the other thread about Swarovski coatings, I decided to revisit this image and render a version with a coating on it just to see how a diamond would look if it had a thin optical coat.

Which one would you guys/gals prefer ?

do me a favor… try this with a background that is an emitter object that has a dot pattern map on it… can you get the same effect with less overhead than a bunch point lights?

a) They are not point lights. Just reflective objects (eg the Cycles limitation is not from that)
b) For proper bokeh, it must NOT be a single plane. The bright spots must be at various distances for perspective overlap of the circles and also blend with the scene to prevent it looking like an afterthought or an HDRI

got it, I tried it here and it failed miserably. scratch that idea… :wink:

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Attempting to recreate bokeh compression near the edges of the frame as it appears on actual camera lenses.


Bella now supports proper edge bokeh as part of it’s camera/lens system. This is so cool, I had to re-render this scene. (Previously this effect was done manually)


Hi @ThomasAn,

I like the rendering quality. Outstanding work. Loved it.

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Thanks a lot Christa ! This engine is coming along nicely. It also helps that the engineers are the same ones that started Maxwell 20 years ago :slight_smile:

why did they decide to make a new renderengine? bella looks nice, still spending that extra money… and yes cycles is missing some really fancy extras, but other than that it delivers really good renderings.

i could not figure out how to render bokeh balls at all, i tried several times, tried with reflective, or emissive plates, transparent, light in front light in the back, nothing worked. :man_shrugging: at least not in any sense realistic if usable at all. do you have an extra setting for spherical aberration for bokeh or is it part of regular CA? also bokeh balls are when exhibiting light sources or reflections crisper at the boundary, not that i have seen a realistic render in these regards anyway… also some onion rings would be interesting, how exactly did you create these anyway?

i think it is funny that all those errors like cats eyes, aberrations were quality issues which people tried to avoid before, now they want to implement them by all means in renderings, while photography has this trend that the product should look like a render. i am thinking is the grass greener on the other side all the time or will it all come together at some point :wink: