Other platforms?

What would be great for some use cases that we have is if this could run on Linux.

One of the things that we are working on is geometry shape optimisation where the objective function for the optimisation is coming from a lengthy CFD calculation that runs on Linux HPC infrastructure. I would be great if the geometry generation during this process could be handled there as well.

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Linux would be nice indeed

Rhino.Inside is Rhino running as a DLL inside of another process. This technology is only available on Windows.

Compute.Rhino3d is a web server that provides geometry as a service and can be called by any platform. The web server could be installed in your local network or you can use the server(s) that we provide.

rhino3dm are our OpenNURBS based libraries available in C++, .NET, and now CPython and Javascript/Web Assemly. The Cpython and JavaScript libraries are available for all platforms. There are also associated libraries that are available for communicating with Compute.Rhino3d using these libraries.

Hope that helps as this question was posted in the Rhino.Inside category and there will not be a version of Rhino.Inside for Linux. You can perform you geometry generation on Linux, but it would need to be done with these other technologies.