Grasshopper plugins on linux?

What is the preferred way to use grasshopper plugins on linux?

does rhino even work on linux?

Rhino does not run on linux. What are you trying to achieve?

The impossible :grinning:

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It isn’t run on linux…

dynamic relaxation for gridshell design. i thought that with all of the rhino .NET and python tools (rhino common, rhino3dm, opennurbs, etc) plus Mono or dotnet-runtime, there is enough interoperability such that its possible to run grasshopper in conjunction. there’s a lot of rhino/mcneel software to sift thru, though, so it’s difficult to tell what is and isn’t possible.

I guess I really should have asked, why do you want to run on Linux?

i don’t have access to windows or macOS at the moment. I also highly prefer linux because i am familiar with the workflow and all of my work is on linux systems.

Although there are platform independent parts that make up Rhino, the Rhino application itself is only provided for Windows and MacOS. And without this application none of the other parts work.

You might be able to use the online compute service, I’m sure that works independently from the user OS, but you might still need core-Rhino running to deserialise the results.

There is a linux version of the rhino3dm python library that could be used in combination with compute. David is correct as that is really the only way to access grasshopper calculations on linux.

Do you know of any projects that use opennurbs on linux? preferably ones that can integrate physics simulations