Rhino Inside for the web service


I would like to pose another question regarding Rhino Inside. In the previous post, I mentioned that our team is planning to provide web service that automatically builds the 3d model based on the rule we set up in the modeling algorithm, where the computing process can be done at back-end server.

It seems that Rhino Inside allows us to run the 3D modeling process automatically with Rhino API within the web application. Can anybody please share some case studies with Rhino Inside if known?

Currently, Rhino Inside is only available through Rhino Serengeti WIP. I am wondering when the stable version of Rhino integrated with Rhino Inside is expected to be released.

It will be much appreciated if one can tell us whether parallel modeling computing through Rhino Inside is simultaneously allowed in multiple web applications within one back-end server.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!



Compute is a web application that runs “Rhino.Inside”. You could use this as a sample for creating your own web application.