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Hi all,

Since I have been running my tests in headless mode, I was also thinking about it is possible to create RhinoObjects in Linux environment. In these days I am working on something parallel computing with EnergyPlus and I will use python library of LadybugTools to generate some geometry.

So is there any guidance for how can I use RhinoObjects on Linux environment?

Any supporting idea or comment helps.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @oguzhankoral,

RhinoCommon is Rhino-based. Rhino only runs on Windows and macOS.

Rhino3dm, however, is available on most platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux).

ā€“ Dale

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Hi @dale,

Thanks for your answer, I have following question

I was testing library with Linux a bit, then realized that some functionality is missing like AreaMassPropertiesā€¦ Is there anything that I need to know to get this functinality?


Hi @oguzhankoral,

Rhino3dm, which is based on openNURBS, does not include mass property calculations.

ā€” Dale

Hi @dale,

I read this one before, but wanted to ask maybe there is a workaround you can suggest like combining different libraries etc. I think I need to write my own logic for some missing parts.

Is this something McNeel think develop later by adding missing parts for rhino3dm? If I done some parts, can I contribute it?


We intentionally do not include specific portions of RhinoCommon in our open source and free cross platform rhino3dm library. These are parts that we feel people should pay for by buying Rhino.

@stevebaer, totally make sense, thanks for clearing up!