OT-sources for 3d stock models of people

Hi guys,

I’m trying to find stock 3D people for architectural-ish visualizations, and for all the places you can buy them there seem to be very few who actually make this stuff. I know of and have previously purchased from Axyz and Dosch, but who else is there?

Do you need full 3D people? I am researching this topic as well and keep hearing that its better to add the 2D people in post with Photoshop. Here is a site called Viz-People I found for 2-D people.

Have you found any good 3D people yet? Please share!

You might want to check out MakeHuman. This is a quite extensive character creation suite that allows you to export to a variety of formats, including COLLADA, Wavefront OBJ and others.

There are quite many aspects of the characters that one can tune, but the wardrobe is a bit limited. I think one can create or acquire elsewhere garments.

Posing of characters is done in other software like Maya and Blender

Hi, just installed iClone5 + 3dExchange5 Trial. I have exported from 3dExchange5 a .obj file, imported into Rhino and the result is excellent:

Tutorial is here:

iClone Trial here: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/iclone_trial.aspx
3dExchange Trial here: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/3dx/3dx_trial.aspx
You need to register in order to download the resources library.

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You can find some iClone models also here:

Looks like a nice tool. Thank you for the links.

I hope we can Import animated object as FBX in the future. Is it planed?

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Hi Violine,
Are you still using iClone to pose your characters in Rhino ?

A) I have tried to import Chuck. In iClone, he was sit. Once loaded in 3DXchange, he was in the T position. Exported to an obj file and imported in Rhino, he was obviously still in T pose. How did you imported Chuch with your pose (along wall) ?

B) Once I will be able to import characters with their pose in Rhino, I will first export the Rhino model, eg, the accommodation of a small sailing boat, to iClone. Then I will pose the actors in the imported accommodation before to export them to Rhino. Have you worked this way ? Which format do you use from Rhino to iClone ?
Thanks, Alain

Hi Alain,

sorry for the late response, I have not used it for some time, you can drag and drop motion pose from iClone menu to 3DXchange viewport. Did not try to import from Rhino to iClone but vice versa worked very well using .obj format.


this is a good source too.

Hi Violine,
Thanks for your answer. I have been able to load a pose in 3DXchange and I have imported the posed character in Rhino as an obj file.
I have also exported the Rhino model to iClone. Using obj file gave artifacts but using skp format did the job. So, now, I am posing the characters in my Rhino model.