Humans in Rhino; rendering

I am interested in some sort of human cad file I can manipulate and render into my drawings. I have heard of Poser before but that’s it. Anyone have suggestions on possibilities or where to start? I only have Penguin and Rhino renderer.

There are always the collection of files found at places like Thingiverse, Grabcad, TurboSquid, etc. Some are free, some are purchases. While Poser provide tools to customize and position the models, this can be done to some small degree with STL mesh objects. Bring the (watertight) STL into Rhino, export it as an OBJ mesh, import that mesh into Sculptris where some selective masking will permit parts to be moved, rotated, or scaled. Export it back out as OBJ and import into Rhino for integrating into your scene.

Is Sculptris necessary?

If you’re using an STL as-is with whatever pose you found it in and don’t intend on changing it, then no. Sculptris isn’t necessary.

If your’re needing the anatomy to be positioned in a mesh, then YES, you’ll need Blender or Sculptris to target (mask) portions for bending or twisting. I mention the free Sculptris app since it’ll provide easy-to-grasp tools to smooth away unsightly creases that may occur from bending.

Rhino allows taking a mesh (STL or OBJ) and performing Transform Bending/Shearing or even Cage Editing, but I don’t think the comparative results will be the same.

Poser is a good choice for this. Since Rhino does not have skeletal system capabilities for animation you need a program that does. The previous version of Poser can be purchased less than $100 and brings all the humans you will ever need. You can export your model from Rhino as an OBJ, import it into Poser and pose your humans to fit your model. Then export the human posed and import to Rhino. I have done this to fill architectural renders with some realistic people and also to render jewelry on a model. Very handy for fashion design.

-Sergio Martinez
McNeel Miami

this is a great collection:

Thanks everyone - actually I downloaded a human from grabcad as a SLDPRT,ASM file and it seems I can gumball manipulate the articulated parts in Rhino. I tried sculptris but it didn’t like the mesh and said there were too many triangles (or something) connected to one vertex. These are all great solutions. Thanks.

Do they work well (texturing included) with rhino? There’s no samples, so I’m hesitant to buy without testing… thx.

from rhino, with maxwell

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li’l puppets!


Nice, thanks. Which format do you import for the best results?

OBJ… I think these are both creepy as shit and fascinating,

. this might be a flamingo rendering… can’t remember, it was a few years back.


I’ve bought a few stock people and models and the biggest issue I’ve had–aside from a crash bug at first with normal maps–is that I’m using Brazil/Neon and the materials on import get mapped to bog-basic Rhino materials which don’t even support all the channels that might be used, so everything has to be copied over to a BAM including the stuff that never made it into the basic material…and if you want to use a Analytic Bump or Advanced Textures for the bitmaps that’s another round of changes.

The DOSCH people are nice from far away, but not from all view directions, because often it are clumpy models with a very good looking foto texture only.
A resource of great models is This models are great from all sides. Also high res people are available.
Evermotion sells detailed human models too.
And there are a lot models available at, but the quality isn’t so high like from AXYZ-Design.