Does anyone sell/make parametric 3d models of humans for costuming?

I have to design a limited production run of 50 suits of armor. It’ll be vacuum formed ABS, so there will be no “give”. The stuff needs to fit.

All the inexpensive downloadable low poly realistic mesh models of human men I can find are of people built like middleweight to light heavyweight fighters.

The people who’ll be wearing what I build are going to be “cast to the costume” but they’re aiming for slimmer men. I have a sample set of measurements.

Is there any library available for download with a wide range of physiques, or with a parametric model that I can plug waist, chest, thigh etc measurements into?

I found one that does BMI based guesses, but it’s terrible.

Suggestions? I only have rhino, so tweaking something in another application is something I’d like to avoid.

Did you look at Daz3D? I think the base version is free and you can build and customize your characters and body characteristic.
Poser could be another option to look into.

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And then there’s also MakeHuman which is free and exports obj files you can get into rhino…