Where do i find good 3D people to put into my model?

Where do i find good 3D people to put into my model?

Here’s a source for people models. If you use the OBJ version, then the colors and textures will be applied to the imported mesh models.


I don’t have any personal experience with these models. but they showed up in a Rhino site search.

Works great with Rhino.

Thanks for the input. I ended up buying some from turbosquit.com not great in the en I gave up trying to re-texture them. If any one have any other places it would be great to know Im sure this will not the last time I need people in a model

actually the got back to me with a fix so not all that bad.

I wonder if I can find \buy?\ a watertight NURBS representation of Venus de Milo head \or any other classical human image\ of such topological precision as the following picture has:

\Of coarse, I am talking about a remastered model, not about a raw scan.
Yes, the whole Venus de Milo model with her hands and
underwear would be much better ;)\

Hello Everyone. Another solution that you can try is using our software anima LITE.
It is free and you can use all our models in .Y format. The workflow is simple and if you are using V-Ray you can export any scene to VrayScene format and load directly into Rhino.
We added a simple slide in our FB page. Please take a look:

Maybe in the future we can offer a native plugin for Rhino.
Please feel free to contact us to support(at)axyz-design(dot)com if you need further information or assistance.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Diego,

sounds interesting. Do you mean, all models can be load to Rhino for free or how doe’s the payment work?


You can take a look at makehuman. Opensource and free http://www.makehumancommunity.org/

Interesting. Are you using Makehuman? Is Blender needed for posing or can it be direct done at Makehuman?

Flannery O’Connor was right
image https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1379981090l/136086.jpg


Posing would be done in blender / maya (unless they updated makehuman, i used it more a few years ago). The nice thing is that makehuman outputs a fully rigged character though, so you actually dont do any of the bones/rig part in blender, just rotate the joints, which is correctly connected to the mesh.

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