3D people posing software

I am currently considering inserting 3D people in my designs (product design and architecture / exhibition design). The main point for me is illustration and scale purposes. So far I am using 2D cutouts or illustrations which work fine but can be a pain to get right in various view angles.

I have downloaded Poser and DazStudio and I think they would be suited for the job, only it seems to me that they have way more functionality than I would need and have quite a steep learning curve.

Does anyone know of a simpler alternative to those two that works well with Rhino? Or at least a quickstart tutorial with one of the two programs above that would teach how to quickly get going with casual people and natural posing for architecture and product illustration? I am looking for a bit of a variety of people, flexible posing and hand gestures, that would work in different display modes in Rhino.


Hi @accounts2
There’s a ton of tutorials for both platforms out there - search for beginner tutorial or intro tutorial. Both interfaces are a bit weird, but as you get into it, they kinda make sense. But - and it’s a big but - both deliver mediocre results, depending on your visualisation needs/style. The end result is not photorealistic! They might be good enough from some distance, but up close they still look like figurines - but it’s getting better with each new version. We’ve build a large library of high quality 3D scanned people, and they mostly look great, but aren’t as flexible, of course - and also they can be a bit expensive, although some can be found for free or with large discounts.
Another option is rigged people/hands that you pose yourself, but I most admit I’ve never seen any for Rhino/Bongo, but they might be out there. Alternatively options are available for Blender, Max, Maya etc., but only if these are already in your arsenal, of course.
Remember that for both Daz and Poser there are a LOT of predefined poses out there (some for free, some cost money), so for many poses, you can just load a file and voilá: posed 3D person.
HTH, Jakob

You might check out these:

I like realistic looking scanned 3D people and this kind of people are available in T-poses for rigging. It could be great to have a solution to manipulate this models, but I don’t found a solution yet. Maybe Anima could be the solution, but I don’t know:

Doe’s someone know a good way to set models like from AXYZ-Design in poses?

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I have been relying on DAZ/Poser for years for human figures especially if they need to be posed. I have done some pretty credible pilots in sailplane cockpits and crew doing various tasks in my boat designs in Rhino. Takes a bit of effort to keep all the bits and pieces of the figure (who needs teeth and tongues?) along with their texture maps but the results can be stunning if one persists. Big problem lately is getting the textures mapping right when some render engines deal with the channels differently. I have been using Thea lately and have been pulling my hair out with old models that looked great in OCTANE or other older render engines. One in particular was a female body that I had posed to serve as a custom mermaid figure to grace a traditional sailing yacht design. The owner was very particular about how she should look and even sent me photos of his wife (in her toga togs…) to search through the DAZ catalogs to get a good resemblance to her face. I found a surprisingly good match for her and think the morph package cost me $15 and I applied it to the stock female model that came with an old version of DAZ. I’ll share a clay render of her here and maybe a textured version if you guys can handle it… I seem to have lost the tail I had modeled for her full mermaid version but the posing went very well.

Anima had builtin pose editor i use anima for a longer while and i’m very satified with it even didn’t updated yet to v4… Anyway check this - https://youtu.be/z3pEW8jviEk?t=1054

@Micha Just checked v4 have even direct vrscene exporter :wink:


In the past I tested DAZ/Poser and I wasn’t happy about the concept. I missed a way to get a wide range of ready to use people with cloths and assets. My impression was I have a few actors and need to add assets in a long way.

Some years before I used Quidam, it was an interesting concept, easy to use. The user was able to change the properties of the human body, choose from a cloth library and adjust poses. Unfortunately the software development was stopped. The results wasn’t so photo real like 3D scanned people, but for design concepts useful.

At the moment Anima looks quite promising for me.

Worth trying if you wonder how it looks in action i used it for eg. here:

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Great results!!!

Thanks everyone for the tips and the interesting conversation. I had the Dosch people on my list already, I just thought they might not be flexible enough… I’ll give them a second look though. Anima I’ve never heard of, looks very interesting. Excellent work btw @D-W! Anyway I’ll look into the options and post an update later

A last note - for design and architecture shots I use ready posed people often. I like the quality of renderpeople.com and axyz-design.com. A lot of poses are available and they look nice realistic.

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