Osnap box still has the same problems as V5 and worse

The osnap box in V6 continues to suffer from a long time problem never fixed in V5 - when resizing (docked), the titles get can get doubled and/or distorted (overlaid).

On top of the V5 problem, the spacing is again too wide between the boxes - note how much longer the osnap box is in V6. This was also a problem that existed in V5 at one time, looks like we slipped backward on this one.


The first problem is in Youtrack list.

It’s here:

Thanks, Mitch. This has been added to Youtrack at http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-28608

The spacing too wide between osnap checkboxes problem has been fixed in the current internal Rhino 6. It was because Rhino 6 has a new “Percentage” one shot osnap which was named too long. It’s been renamed to “Percent”.

This problem has been fixed. The next Rhino 6 WIP will have this fix. Thanks.