OSnap new problem

When I want vertical tabs in the OSnap/Filter container, I need to make the left sidebar 5 icons wide.
Otherwise Osnaps are not visible.
The misbehaving Osnap UI was reported several times.

A new problem:
When Rhino asks for a point, I want to use the _Between snap.
Holding Shift when hovering over the Osnaps should give me that option.
Not in V8.

Ok, I make the container floating.
Surprise surprise, I now get _Between.
Now I move the container back.
Where are the OSnaps now?

Hi there, got the same problem. In Rhino 7 it was possible to use the OSNAP panel when the main toolbar on the left was 2 buttons wide and the panel was docked below.


Hi Charles, Checking it, thanks.

Here it looks like I need to click someplace in the Osnaps once to somehow wake it up, after which it does seem to work as it should. Still poking…


Thank you Pascal for your attention.

It is worse than that.
In this video Shift did what expected without waking up the OSnaps.

Hit Ctrl 1x, the whole OSnaps died.

I could

They aren’t technically dying, they are going into Context Menu only mode (the two small >> arrows at the top) because the text becomes too wide for the panel. Which is certainly not what is wanted here. There are some folks that smash the panels really small and only run the >> context modes which is why it does that, it just shouldn’t be here. We’ll get this patched up.

From the users perspective they are dead.
I can’t imagine that many people are interested in the logic behind the curtain.

OOB Rhino in this case.

It would good if we have that back again.
Too many regressions to swallow otherwise.

A very welcome move, thank you!

When do you expect a solution?
Don’t tell me V9 or later.

This is actually how all previous versions of Rhino behaved. I think the addition of tabs has made this behavior less favorable as most people ran osnaps docked horizontally and not vertically in previous versions.

Here’s the osnaps panel when its narrow in v7.

At any rate, no need to panic about v9, I’ve added this to my short list of things to do this week.

Can’t speak for most people…
For me that’s true, horizontal was the preferred mode.
Which is practically impossible in V8 :frowning:

I can make the list longer if you need some work :wink:

Hi @Trav,

thanks for the fix, CTRL and SHIFT are both working in SR2 but i still need to make the main toolbar a bit larger than required to see the OSnap text:


i would not mind having truncated text compared to the wasted screen space on the right to the main toolbar.

imho the vertical position docked under the main toolbar is not to so bad as it takes the least amount of space away from the viewports.

this is listed as RH-78753 Osnaps disappear when scaling the sidebar

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Osnap panel works much better now in SR3 RC!

But still not perfect:

  1. Hit Ctrl 1x, and you’ll get the chevron which stays forever until restart.
  2. While Ctrl is held down there’s no chevron - while in that state it should because of the truncated checkbox text.

I would remove the chevron thing completely.
A user can clearly see if the panel is too small to reveal the checkboxes and their text.