Osnap bug Rhino 6.6

Hi, we have find a bug with rhino 6.6
thet bug is the osnap mid

bug mid osnap.3dm

best regards

Your file upload failed…

The file is behind the link, which isn’t just linked. Opening it works fine.

From what I can see is that the final object you are working with has still the underlying topology of the separate objects, hence you’re seeing two midpoints for the top surface you’re trying to snap to.

I suggest you create instead a new box, then use the hole curves to create new holes. That will give you a geometry that has a mid point as you expect.


I don’t know if there is a way to clean up the geometry you ended up with, I’ll leave that to the experts.

i don’t understand, on my computer, the uploaded file is good :grimacing:


Yes, if you test this file with rhino 5 , there is not bug !!

Yes, but that’s wrong… This does look like a bug.

@Helvetosaur, ok. I don’t know enough about this - should I tag @pascal or someone else?

Yes, it’s definitely a bug. I was also fooled by the mid point:

This is a nasty bug, potentially causing very much problems down the road.

// Rolf

Hello - thanks, this one is on the bug pile


I’ll add your comments.