Options pop up window disappeared


Whenever I type any command, Circle, -for example- it used to appear normally a pop up window with options like diameter, radius, tangent, etc. Now, it doesn’t appear at all on my screen. What can I do?

It start happening when I change from a external big monitor to the little screen on my 13" macbook, but now even with the big screen connected the pop up window is gone :frowning:

Thanks, Hector

I have just installed the version 510 and the problem persists. The only solution I have found is to set in “Themes” command options in sidebar. :confused:

Hello Rhino-

I am having the same problem as Hector (using a macbook pro, sometimes connected to an external display). When I use the app expose command in OSX, which shows all the active application windows, I can see the ghost of the Command Options window pull in from above the menu bar, but it quickly disappears and doesn’t present itself as an open application window.

The only work around that I have is the same as Hector, to use the sidebar setting in “Themes”. If I plug back into an external display, the Command Options window behaves normally. I have tried to position the Command Options window on my macbook display before disconnecting the larger monitor, but as soon as I do, the same problem persists.

It feels like a bad preference file that needs to be trashed and regenerated, but I couldn’t find one.

Do you have a solution?

it’s there in your user library but you can also reset using terminal.app… see this link:


resetting the .plist will (should) bring the command dialog back into the screen space.

Thank you Jeff, that did the trick, and also taught me to save a copy of my preferences so that I don’t have to recreate them if I have to do this again.

Are you using Full Screen mode in Rhino when the Command Options dialog stops appearing?

marlin- I was in the regular window mode, not full screen.