Command prompt line options

Hi everybody,
I am a rookie regarding Rhino for Mac so forgive me if I might mention things that are either obvious or sound stupid… The command prompt line (or, to better explain, the little white rectangle on the left where I write the name of the command) doesn’t expand when I confirm the command. Let me explain better: I type in “fillet curves” for example and the command area on the left expands but there is nothing in it and I cannot have any option to choose from (not even something fundamental like the radius value, etc…) At the bottom left side of the screen there is an icon (4 horizontal lines) that, if clicked, opens up a pop-up that is also completely blank… I would like to know how to insert all the various option choices on my Rhino 5 for Mac, because, as it is, is completely unusable.

Hi Leo,

That sounds like a display issue as this is the spot where the command options will be displayed. You may be on an older version of OSX and need to update it for things to work as designed. What OSX version are you using? You can also revert to an older ‘theme’ for the interface which will have floating command line options rather than docked by using the themes section of preferences ‘⌘,’ Set it to custom/use command options dialog.

This sounds like a problem with 10.8 that was fixed a while ago. Are you running the latest version of Mac Rhino, which is 2014-02-26?