Command Options Dialog Command Box Still Appearing


First of all, It is great to have the Command Options Dialog back in V8 WIP for mac. THANK YOU for implementing this. This majorly cleans up my workspace and allows to me to put the command options where I need them. A lot less mousing to select options and speeds up my workflow. I had gotten use to the workflow, I can’t imagine using Rhino without it.

However, I can’t seem to get rid of the Command Box. It reappears with each startup and new window. Closing it doesn’t stick. The purpose of having the Command Options Dialog was to rid myself of this UI hog. What can I do to make sure I don’t see this box anymore.
Command Dialog

I’m not clear that I understand the issue.
However, in Settings > View, if you enable the option for “Use command options dialog”, and have the “Command” panel closed, I can start a command (like circle), the command’s option dialog shows up, I draw my circle, and it goes away.
Is that the behavior you’re asking about?

The Command options dialog works as it should. No problems there. I had taken out the command panel from the left hand side of the interface and closed it. Now everytime I startup WIP or create new document, the command floating window show up on my screen. I close command window and create a new document and the floating window show up again. Maybe I need to reset something in my prefs due to this new preference option. I just don’t know what to reset or maybe a bug. Can you @John_Brock see this behavior?

I did see that behavior until I turned on the option I described in my reply.
Did you try it?

So, I started from scratch. Unselected the command option pref, restarted rhino and started from the beginning per your instructions. You can see that in the video when a new window is created the command reappears and then disappears. Selecting the new window brings the command window up again. Restarting Rhino displays the command window in the first window that I have to close also ( not in video). Can you confirm this behavior? Trashing the Rhino 8 Pref file did not fix it.

Installed WIP on a fresh machine that has never had prior install on it. Followed the instruction on enabling the command options and the command toolbar still comes up with new documents. Can this toolbar be turned off/on or edited from the Menu Bar - window- toolbar edit screen? I was thinking a could control the command panel from there, but not able to find it. If not, should the command toolbar be there just like every other toolbar? I can turn on and off every other toolbar from these screens, but not the command ( or at least I can’t find it). Should the command be any exception? Is this just a bug with the new command or am I just misunderstanding. Did the video help you understand the behavior I am seeing?

@jason thanks for reporting, John has logged the bug
RH-75176 The command control appears after restarting Rhino when Use command options dialog option is on

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