Options for Annotation Dot Display

Hi everyone,
I notice a difference between V5 and V6 in their way of displaying Annotation Dots.
For same Font and Text height, I don’t get the same result.
Rhino 5:

Rhino 6:

We can also notice than annotation shape and line spaces are different.
Is there any options to customize those Annotation Dots ?

I prefer the way it was in Rhino 5 (probably just used to it).


Hm… mine looks more like your Rhino 5 image…



Your Rhino 6 image looks more like a bug to me than a feature. Can you send a model with just that one dot in it?

Here is an example file with only one annotation point inside.
Annotation Point.3dm (30.2 KB)

I’m also getting the rounded corners look that @pascal shows with your 3dm file. Are you using a font different than Arial in that model?

Thank you for watching.
No I used an empty file and just added a single dot in it.
What could I do to help you figure out what’s going on ?

What font did you use for the dot?

Arial, the default font in the file I sent.
But Trebuchet MS for the first screenshot.

Do you see the problem when using Arial?

…it looks correct here with Trebuchet MS.


I also want to make sure… are you using SR8?

I was up-to-date a the begenning of this thread.
I’m currently installing the last release. We will see if something changes.

Whatever font I use, it seems to be a real difference between the 2 versions :
Arial : image
Consolas : image
Franklin Gothic Book :image
Magneto : image

It seems bigger and more neat in Rhino 5.

After installing the last version available, it still persists.

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and paste the results here. This may give me an idea of what is happening

SystemInfo.txt (1.9 KB)

Hmm nothing jumps out as a possible cause of the problem. It does look like your display drivers could use updating, but I doubt that is really what is causing the problem. I’ll continue to try and figure out what could be causing this