Printing annotations


I have reported this issue about a year ago and I can see it still hasn’t been fixed yet.
Instead of vectors, annotations are printed as a bitmap with black background. They don’t keep their assigned size and fonts.

Please take some actions to fix it.


I think you will have to provide some more detail (language, model space / paper space, certain fonts, all fonts / certain font, any overrides you have going on, all printers or some printers) or examples, as this is not an issue I have seen on any of our machines.


I have attached 3 files:
Screen - the way it should be printed (with different font types)

Print preview - please notice they all have the same font type

Printed - you can see undesired result - printed as bitmap, on black background, same font type
printed in PDF Creator 1.7.1.pdf(19.1 KB)

English verion of Rhino, all recent updates
Hope it helps



A hint:
Could it be the reason for this strange behavior that I am always using fonts other than the regular (Arial, Times New Roman etc.)?


Yes that does seem to be a bug. Although it’s not all annotation leaders, dimension, text print fine. It’ just has to do with the dot. The font of the dot should match the font of the text below the line, but the it all seems to be the same.