Dot annotation problem


I can’t create annotation dots in Rhino 5 SR12 64bit (windows) while on 32bit version all is ok.
Is a version bug or a problem of my installation ?

Thanks in advance.

What does the command line report when you type _Dot? Unknown command? --Mitch


nothing is reported like a succesfull operation.
I type _dot and dialog box appears; I enter text and then I click on Ok button but annotation dot isn’t displayed.
Only in 64 bit version, 32 is ok.


It doesn’t ask you for an insertion point, it just quits after OK? --Mitch

Yes it does , after clicking OK, it asks me for an insertion point, I pick a point on screen but nothing is created.


Your display mode in the the 64-bit version doesn’t accidentally have the display of Text disabled?

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You are right. Display text checkbox was disabled, I’ve enabled it and now all is ok.
Thanks to all for the help. Alessandro