Options dialog crash

On the latest V6 I’m suddenly getting a crash every time I go to the options dialog. It crashes silently, no message or dump file.

Hi Jim - does it work in SafeMode? What non-default plug-ins are you running, any?


Hi Pascal,

Weird it’s not happening anymore. It was consistent this morning now it’s gone, including on Rhino sessions that have been open all day, so… huh.

Huh indeed, but I’ll take that as a good sign. But, still, what plug-ins are you running, if any? It might be we can point a finger if this happens again.


Hi Pascal,

I guess I just had Brazil and Bongo, not actually using them at the time. I was specifically accessing the Units tab.

Huh, I just had it happen again.

Temporarily disable the plug-ins that didn’t ship with Rhino.
Then see if you can make it crash.

Is the crash reporter coming up?
Are you including your email address and comments along with the file?

There’s no crash reporting appearing.

Then it’s probably not crashing in Rhino itself.
It could be a plug-in or a display driver related crash.

Can you get Rhino to fail with the plug-ins disabled?