Rhino Crashing on Save, especilaly when using layouts

Rhino is constantly crashing on save. I can’t figure it out - I’ve reinstalled, testpurgebitmap, exported raw geometry to new files, many things!

Whenever I try to save, it crashes…


Hello - at what point does the crash occur? Do you see the Save File dialog, or does it crash before that? Or after?

If you start Rhino in Safe Mode, does that also crash?

Is there a McNeel crash report interface when it goes down? If so please send us the report with your email address and details of what you were doing.

Does this happen with any file, even a new file with just a box or something?


Okay - I sent error report

Safe Mode it still crashes. Save dialog doesn’t come up, it crashes almost immedately at the save or saveas commands.

This has been going on for a while with many different files, new old, templates or totally clean.

Any updates on this? Still crashing nonstop

Hello - no, no news - just to be sure, is this Rhno 6 or Rhino 5? And does it crash any time you save or just sometimes?

If this is V6, please run SystemInfo in Rhino and paste the results here.



I’ve had a similar, but maybe not related problem with layouts. When in layout view, double clicking a detail sometimes causes a crash. But changing the current rendered from Brazil to Rhino render fixes it.

Hello - does it matter what the detail display mode is? Did you happen to send in a McNeel crash report when this occurred? Please do if Rhino puts up the crash report UI.


I will try that, but mine often doesn’t have to do with layout either. Just when I am saving, but the problem always is exasperated when I am using layouts.

Hi ,

I see your display driver date is from 2015.
Try at least to update that driver, maybe you can update your windows as well.
What Windows version do you run?