Rhino Crashed after closing program

Hi my friends
I have a very serious problem.
sometimes that I close rhino the app will crash .

Please help me to solve this problem because after crashing my setting will lost and I should reset toolbar again and again.
Thank you

Are you sending in the error reports?
Which service release are you running?
Could you post your OpenGL settings (a screen shot of the information in the Rhino options)?
Do you also get crashes when you use Rhino in safe mode?

no but I am using sr13
this problem start to appear when i upgrade to sr14.
But now i uninstalled sr14 and reinstall sr13 and my problem did not solve.

Are you using any plug-ins?

As a test, try this:
In Options > Plug-ins, change the list filter to “plug-ins that did not ship with Rhino”.
Close and restart Rhino.
See if you can repeat the exist crash.
If the crash can not be repeated, enable one of the plug-ins, run it, then see if you can repeat the crash.
My suspicion is one of the plug-ins is unable to save it’s data when Rhino closes and that’s causing the crash.
If you can narrow it down to a specific plug-in, we may be able to figure out a work-around.

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Thank you very Much.
I will check and tell you the result.

Dear John_Brock
Thank you very much for your support.
You were right.
The problem was solved with disabling a plugin.

Vray for rhino is the plugin that cause the error.
do you have any solution or I should contact with vray support?


If it were me, I’d first look on the VRay support site and see if there is an update or a description of your problem. If you can’t find anything, then yes, please contact them for help with their plug-in.

Good luck!

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