Multiple Crashes after installing Bongo/Flamingo

after installing Bongo and Flamingo my Rhino started to be very unstable. In 4 of 5 startups Rhino crashes instant, or a few seconds after loading. Most times, when Rhino does not crash in the beginning, it runs properly for the rest of the time working on the file.
I already sent an automatic-error report via the window, which opens sometimes after the crash, but until now i got no answer.

Is there some known issue, or can i send a log-file into this forum, so someone can help me? It really hurts the workflow if i have to start rhino over and over again until i can begin working.


Hi Boreas - I’d try starting Rhino in Safe Mode* and disabling the two plug-ins in Options > Plug-ins. Then, start normally - if that works, enable one of the plug-ins and re-start Rhino - that should help pin down which of the two is most to blame and let’s take it from there.

*In the Windows start menu, type ‘Rhinoceros’ and you should see entries to start in safe mode.


As far as I can tell, it runs more stable after i disabled Flamingo. I will look if this is happening now by chance, or if it really does not crash in the next few days. If it is Flamingos fault, i will try to install it on a more potent workstation, to see if my computer just cant handle the program.
If it crashes on the high-end computer, or if the crashes just stopped for a while on this one, i will message again. If not:

Thank you for the help!

Ok, the crashes are back, even with completely deactivated addons. It happens most time short after loading the file, moreoften with bigger and more complex files.

It feels like the crashes are getting worse. I can open Rhino ~20 times, and one of the processes “survived”. If they do not crash in the first 5 minutes, they seem to work pretty stable, but it takes a lot of time to get them to work.
I got a “RhinoCrashDump.3dm” if that helps?
I worked down this list, but nothing seemed to help: