Options are not saving

When I change user options, such as Aliases or View settings, they are reflected when I’m using the Options menu, but when I press “Ok” they are lost. For instance, I changed the viewport background to a 2 color gradient, and this was shown while the menu was visible, but when I pressed Ok, it reverted back to the default. I found that this would also happen when I imported Aliases, but in that case they would work for a while before suddenly reverting back to default settings.

If you are running multiple instances of V7, the last one closed overwrites the settings.
The last one “in the barn” wins.

If you’re running a single instances, then something may be messed up with rights.
In that case, I’d try running Rhino “As Administrator” once to see it that sorts it.

Any luck?

I’ve been running a single instance. I tried running “As Administrator”, but I still had the issue occur abruptly while I was modeling.

So far, I can not duplicate this behavior.

Can you please provide and step by step procedure to follow that results in an example of this issue?


Sure thing.

  1. Open Rhino WIP (Either As Administrator or User)
  2. Command “Options”
  3. Under Aliases: “Import”
  4. Import “Rhino6 Aliases.txt” (attached here)
  5. Change View-> Display Modes-> Shaded-> Background-> “2 Color Gradient”
  6. Press “Ok”
  7. At this point, my changes are in effect.
  8. Continue 3D Modeling
  9. At some random point, all Options revert back to default, indicated by change in background and loss of aliases.

Rhino6 Aliases.txt (1.2 KB)

Step 8 and 9 are where I’m going to need your help.
I can run with your Aliases and gradient background but I do not do much modeling.
I’m a support monkey.
If you can come up with a pattern for the trigger that revers them back, that will be key.
Without that, there’s nothing to be done.

Hi - there was a recent fix for behavior such as that.
You might want to wait for a new WIP to be released later today / tomorrow morning.