V6 Custom Display Bug

Hi All,
I noticed that custom display settings (ie, Shaded mode with single color for backfaces, and no isocurves) tend to revert back to default when executing particular commands. So far I’ve noticed ‘Save’ and ‘Distance’ set this off.

Yes, the current WIP does not retain these settings when set in the Display panel and certain commands are run.

When you try to set these through the “Rhino Options > Display Mode” interface, the settings revert to the original when you exit the dialog box.

Let’s hope a new WIP compiles without problems and is released sometime soon …

what does that mean??? since you skipped the last week, i was sure it would be there by today.
i use the display settings a lot. tuning them to my liking and making simple screencaptures is important for me, but right now that doesn’t really work. :disappointed:

You clipped the “let’s hope” part of you quoting me - really meaning that I don’t know. By the looks of it there were problems getting a new WIP out this week as well. I was also looking forward to a new build…

ups sorry :grin:

We all are waiting for a public WIP release :slight_smile:


Is this problem resolved in the current WIP?

Yes, it is. Changing settings of the predefined modes, as well as creating new ones works fine again. Thank you very much!