Not Saving Color Scheme in WIP (8.0.23080.12305, 2023-03-21)

Setup my color scheme:




Most colors are reset to light mode:

Import settings I thankfully saved:

aliases+colors+docking.ini (163.0 KB)

Hi Eric, I can’t reproduce the issue you are seeing. I do see that the colors ‘hang’ for a brief moment but then I get to see this, also after a restart. So maybe it doesn’t refresh properly. In one instance, the layer dialog did not refresh here until I undocked it. Does it restore the colors of (some) items if you do this?

I tried docking and undocking several containers, and there was no change. Looking at what Rhino thinks are the correct settings, it appears to be the light color scheme. But the layer panel is not refreshing as you described. I think it’s fixed to the Rhino dark scheme. which I immediately abandoned on my first day of using the WIP.

My dark scheme uses a much lighter grey for edit bg. When I restore my options, it updates correctly.

Hi Eric,

One more thing I would like try is to see if the settings are saved correctly. This way we can see if it is a loading or a saving issue.

For that I need the whole settings folder that is located here:

We had another issue that was related to regional settings. What are yours?

@Gijs The whole 8.0 folder was too big. Did you mean just the settings folder?

I don’t have any regional issues that I noticed. English, decimal points, etc., all seem normal.

EricM-Roaming-8.0-settings.7z (45.1 KB)

Hi Eric,

thanks, I just wanted to make sure that that was nothing to be taken into consideration.

Can you see if this resolves things? Close Rhino and replace the content of settings with the attached?
I basically did this: I deleted the settings folder, then imported your settings with optionimport and moved the workspaces folder to the settings folder. Here it loads correctly. With the settings you sent I couldn’t get it to work.
I hope this resolves the issue you’re seeing.

settings.7z (11.9 KB)

@Gijs, I think I found your repro steps.

After nuking settings and importing your zip, it’s remembering the settings between starts, except the icons are stuck on dark mode.


They told me the only way to fix this is to set my scheme to the light mode default, then import my settings over top of them.


Import my options:


Restart Rhino and back to the problem:


@Gijs Did you get this?

I reported this a few days ago too.

Here’s what I got back from the developers:
This UI has been commented out by JohnM. He and Curtis are working on something different and and told me to mark this as obsolete. Check with him if you have questions/concerns.

Thanks, @John_Brock. Is there a youtrack for the new thing I can follow?

The one I added is marked obsolete and is only visible to developers:

I know this unified U/I work is an on-going major project.