Opening SLDPRT fails, there is nothing

On GrabCad I found a model of a Greek column. The model is provided in SolidWorks file format: Coluna Grecoromana_01.SLDPRT

When I open the file with Rhino, then there is just nothing.

Any idea what to do?

When I try to import this with RH5, I get an error message:

Error importing file “C:\[path]\Coluna Grecoromana_01.SLDPRT”.

In the RH6 WIP this imports without problems.
The SolidWorks file format is probably too new for RH5.

Model in RH5 format attached for convenience…
Coluna (7.0 MB)


Beat me to it… --Mitch

That sucks… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for doing the work for me! :slight_smile: