Solidworks 2021 files not opening in Rhino V7

I just recently upgraded to Solidworks 2021 and I can no longer simply open an SLD file properly in Rhino. This completely messes up my work-flow.

Rhino says it has either opened the file or imported after having tried both approaches. Nothing appears in the model. When using SW 2020, the entire model would import which was extremely helpful when trying different solutions out.

Any ideas here? Of course, once you go 2021, can’t revert back to 2020.

Yep, that is a tough one - we are often behind SW by a version, just because of how that process works - let me see if I can find out what is in store for this.
@evan3 - can you please send me an example (smaller and simpler the better) that does not work? We should be reading 2021 files.

@evan3 - any hope of getting an example file that fails?


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Thank you for looking into it. Wish other software companies could be as receptive and helpful to their customers as McNeel/Rhino is.

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